Science Fiction and Fantasy in Israel

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• An Israeli Fantasy
  by Guy Hasson
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  by Inbal Sagiv

Israeli SF&F Writers:

• Guy Hasson
• Lavie Tidhar
• Nir Yaniv
• Vered Tochterman


  1. ICon

    ICon, the leading science fiction and fantasy convention in Israel, is held every October (during the Sukkot holiday) since 1997 at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque.
    The conventions are organized by a cooperation of the Society with Starbase972 - The Israeli Star Trek Society, and the Israeli Association for Promoting Role Playing Game. All management and operation of the conventions is done voluntarily by members of these organizations.

    ICon2004 had Guy Gavriel Kay as a guest of honor. Mr. Kay gave several lectures during the con, signed his books for hundreds of fans who came to see him, and also took place in the Geffen Awards ceremony, where he presented the award to the winners in the original literature caterogy.
    ICon2003 had Orson Scott Card as a guest of honor.

    Each ICon is built around a given theme and includes the following activities:

    1. Screening of quality SF/F movies dealing with the given theme.
    2. Episodes of popular TV series (such as Star Trek, Babylon 5 etc.) which relate to the given theme.
    3. Panels, discussions and meetings, in which the fans have the opportunity to meet writers, translators, artists, scientists - people who deal with science fiction, fantasy or science.
    4. Stalls selling books, comics, and other SF/F products.
    5. Various other activities - filk, role playing games and more.

    Hebrew readers are invited to visit the ICon Web Site.

  2. Olamot

    Olamot.Con is a red-letter day for fans of the science fiction and fantasy genre (both literature and cinema), and its diverse program attracts people of all ages.

    The convention is organized by the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy and the Israeli Tolkien Society, in collaboration with various fan communities.

    Every year the convention consists of more than 100 events, including lectures, panel discussions, contests, professional workshops, shows, filksing and special screenings (including movies' and series' premieres), celebrating science fiction and fantasy fandom.

    Convention participants enjoy a huge science fiction and fantasy merchandise fair (books, props, action figures, DVD's etc.) The convention holds a short stories contest, trivia games and other interactive activities, both during the convention and online.

  3. FantasyCon

    Fantasy.Con The first Israeli Fantasy Convention, Fantasy.Con2001, took place at the Mofet Theater in Ramat Gan during April 2001 and was a notable success. Hundreds of fantasy fans participated in the lectures, the movie screenings and the special activities the con had to offer. The following cons, Fantasy.Con2002 and Fantasy.Con2003, were equally successful. Pictures and material regarding this con can be found in the Fantasy.Con Web Site. A report of FantasyCon.2003, including a view of the Israeli SF&F community, can be found here.

  4. Bidyon
    Bidyon is an SF&F literature-oriented convention, which includes lectures and panels hosted by writers, editors and guests from the academic world. The first Bidyon convention took place at the Mofet Theater in Ramat Gan during May 2004, with guest of honor Paul Kearney.

  5. FanCon
    This convention, a joint enterprise of the Society, Starbase972 and other related organizations, is aimed at the younger audience. It usually includes screenings of films and TV series, filk and story-reading events, writing workshops, and other fandom-oriented activities.

  6. Other Conventions
    In addition to the abovementioned conventions, the Society holds other conventions in various locations and dates: a fantasy film festival in the Tel Aviv Cinemateque, Purim Parties and more.