Science Fiction and Fantasy in Israel

Society Activities:

• The Tenth Dimension
• The Online Magazine
• Conventions
• The Geffen Award


• An Israeli Fantasy
  by Guy Hasson
• SF in Israel
  by Inbal Sagiv

Israeli SF&F Writers:

• Guy Hasson
• Lavie Tidhar
• Nir Yaniv
• Vered Tochterman

Joining the Society

There are currently two methods of registering with the society. The first is an online-registration, using a credit card. In order to register using this method, please click here.

The other method of registration is performed by sending a form and a check in the mail. In order to do so, please follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the form link.
  2. Use your browser to print the form.
  3. Write a check to: 
  4. Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy
    (Follow the instructions in the form regarding how much money is to be paid)
  5. Send the printed and completed form with the check to: 
  6. Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy
    POB 15, Giv'atayim 53100, Israel